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Patent Portfolio Development

-Quality and in-time would-wild patent application

-Experienced consultancy on customized IP crisis management and end game plan

-We help balance client’s market and IP dominant positions

-Patent evaluation – discontinue redundant patents, and focus on essential ones

-Patent development –search or develop valuable patent family

-Portfolio building – cost analysis and profit estimation

-Familiar with the famous universities and research institutes would-wide, provide collaboration policy and   experience

-develop new patent scope through cooperation with the universities and research institutions

-When business growth, patent acquisition will be a very critical demand, FIA provides an efficient way to integrate   your patent assets.

Market Analysis

-experienced and professional consultancy on patent   search

-summarized charts with patent analysis and technology   investigation results

-Combined patent and business based on patent   analysis and research

-Customized patent utilization plan and execution

Patent Evaluation and Suggestion

-Invention evaluation and suggestion, also provide   patent application service

-define powerful patent scope with patent litigation   experience

-assist patent prosecution SOP building

Patent Acquisition service

-When business growth, patent acquisition will be a very   critical demand, FIA provides an efficient way to     integrate your patent assets.

Patent Transaction and Operation

Faith Intellectual Assets Corporation (FIA) is the earliest and most international team in Asia that has patent monetization experience, our achievements throughout the major countries and regions in the world.

Patent Application Service
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