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Faith Intellectual Assets Corporation (FIA) is the earliest and most international team in Asia that has the most experience in international operations, actual combat, operational experience and various types of IP capital operation.  Founded by a group of sophisticated IP experts, and led by the founder Joseph Chang.  Since 2000, the team has accumulated more than 100,000 successful cases of monetization of intellectual property in the world and serves among the world's top 500 technology companies.

Faith Intellectual Assets Corporation (FIA) gathers many senior experts of patent strategic operation together.  Including the Top IP manager who has handled the largest number of international Smartphone litigation, and fought against hundreds of industries and NPE rivals;

Also, the acquisition and patent licensing expert bring his experience join FIA, he was involved in managing more than 9,000 patent cases in a large LCD corporate merger and executed several patent-licensing projects one of which received more than 100 million USD in royalties;  In addition, the team which managed and monetized the patent portfolio that raised by Asia’s first mass IP fund is with FIA now;  Lastly, the team with experience of managing over 30,000 IP assets in varies jurisdictions, and familiar with patent procedure and legal details in different countries, also join Faith Intellectual Assets Corporation (FIA)

Faith Intellectual Assets Corporation (FIA) has comprehensive and profound coverage in various fields of technology in various industries such as communications, optoelectronics, panel, LED, big data, semiconductor, electric vehicle, OLED, medical electronics, financial technology and Internet of Things. The management team with a diversity of sophisticated IP practice experience, FIA offers strategic patent solutions, patent application service, portfolio development, and patent monetization, to enhance and optimize your intellectual properties

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